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With over 35 years of experience in dealing with valuations and post-loss assessments, Prestige Valuations is the professional choice for brokers who take the same pride in their service as we do. We are dedicated to delivering the highest standard of customer experience alongside our valuations giving you the confidence in recommending us to all your clients.

  • When underinsurance comes to light at the point of claim, the additional friction, delays and disappointment often result in lost business for insurers and brokers alike; at best it leaves a bitter taste! Our aim is to make sure any brokers who work with us hold a significantly lower percentage of under-insured clients to ensure that, if the worst happens, we can deliver when it matters most.
  • We offer a range of valuation services providing accurate values on anything from handbags to haute jewellery with our valuations being accepted by all major insurance companies. We also work closely with brokers to ensure that their clients' sums insured reflect the true replacement value of their items. By doing so we help brokers retain more clients and increase the premium per client.
To help brokers have informed conversations with their clients, Prestige Valuations have developed J@DE (Jewellery And Diamond Evaluator). This fast, accurate and easy to use software is specifically designed to assist brokers in reducing ambiguity and to help guide their clients on which items should have an updated valuation and which should not.

For more information contact Chris Veri. He is available to provide online and personal demonstrations to explain J@DE in more detail, how to use the system and its many benefits.

Email: Tel: 0207 242 9933
Please find more information about J@DE by clicking here